about quarantine così.

In 2020 we are living in an unprecedented moment in the history of live theatre and music. This is the first time that every single theatre and live music venue around the world has shut their doors.

Looking back to the horrors and tragedies of history – The global conflicts of the 20th century, The Black Plague, the Toba Super Volcano eruption 75,000 years ago that created a year of black skies around the globe – the deeply human act of live theatre and music continued under all these circumstances. We now live in a world where that connection to music, theatre and each other is not possible.

Artists around the globe are adapting rapidly to this truly incredible situation with great innovation and spirit.

quarantine così is our contribution to this global effort of artists.

Every week our team of young artists will film and record their sections from Mozart’s opera ‘Così fan tutte’ separately in flats and houses scattered across the world. We then cut these recordings together to create a full scene from the opera to be released each week. By the end of this unprecedented crisis we may well have finished telling the story of the opera without ever physically seeing each other.

Why Così fan tutte?

The other innately human need that Coronavirus has taken away from us is the intimacy of friendship, love, romance and touch. Social distancing means we can no longer hug our friends, kiss our lovers or even shake the hands of our enemies. Everyone who isn’t in our immediate circle exists only as little boxes on our computers via Skype or Zoom.

This production of Così is about young people, living in isolation, searching and yearning for connection, meaning and touch in this age of uncertainty and loneliness.